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The Kowari MetastoreTM is an Open Source, massively scalable, transaction-safe, purpose-built database for the storage and retrieval of metadata. More information on KowariTM, including its main features, can be found in the Kowari Overview section.

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Source downloads of Kowari are available from the downloads page. The latest stable release of Kowari is version 1.1.0.


Documentation on Kowari is available, including an installation guide, tutorial and integration guide.


Kowari is supported through the Kowari community, specifically on the kowari-general mailing list. All support requests for this open source project should first go through this list.

Tucana Technologies also manufactures the Tucana Knowledge ServerTM (TKSTM), a feature rich enteprise-class commercial product based partially on Kowari. See for more details and to request an evaluation version of TKS.

Bug reports and feature requests for Kowari can be made on the bug tracker and the feature requests tracker.


Kowari is licensed under the Mozilla Public Licence, Version 1.1. The full text of this licence is available locally.

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