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Legal Information


Kowari source code is licensed under the Mozilla Public License, Version 1.1. A local copy of this license is available with Exhibit A completed.

Documentation License

Kowari documentation is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

Kowari Legal Statements

This project includes source code and/or binary distributions from various projects and companies. It is our intent to list each of them here. If credit has not been given where it is due, please contact the authors.

Source code for each Open Source component of this project is available for download from the links below, or by writing to Northrop Grumman Tucana Sales.

This page lists code requirements of this project (in no particular order), and provides their licenses and other information to fulfill legal requirements. We have attempted to err on the side of providing more information than is required by any particular license.

In This Section

Open Source Components

Sun Microsystems Components

Optional Components