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Contact Information

Kowari Support

Kowari is supported through the Kowari community, specifically on the kowari-general mailing list. All support requests for this open source project should first go through this list.

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Bug reports can be made on the Kowari Project bug tracker. You can make requests for additional functionality at the Kowari Project feature requests tracker.

Kowari Development

Development discussions take place on the kowari-developers mailing list. Only questions or concerns about future Kowari development should be posted to this list. Kowari developers are listed here.

Commercial Support

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems offers the Tucana Knowledge Server, a fully-supported commercial product built using Kowari. You may contact Northrop Grumman at or request a sales person contact you by completing a contact request form.